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Take a Knits All Done class with Keith Leonard!

Knitting and Crochet Guilds and Retail Stores, please contact Keith at for a detailed teaching Prospectus.

Live local?  Classes are taught in private and group settings in Sarasota, Bradenton, Lakewood Ranch and surrounding areas.  Please email Keith at for more information.

Keith's Current Class Offerings

Short Row Fun!

Short row fun anyone? In this class Keith will teach you how to properly work short rows using two different colors of yarn to create 1 of 24 squares that when combined, turn into a beautiful afghan called “the Lizard Ridge”.

You will not only learn short rows, but you will also learn how to properly read and count your stitches when working with two different strands of yarn from the same ball. Disclaimer: Once you start this project, it will be very, very hard to put it down. Be prepared for addiction, laughter, and bursts of color!

Flawless Finishing

Learn to professionally assemble your knitwear from the finishing master! In this class you will learn the tips, tricks, and secrets behind picking up stitches, weaving in your ends, and the proper use of mattress stitch to seam your prepared knitted swatches together. Be amazed as the magic unfolds and walk away with the skills to finish your knitwear professionally for years to come.

Skills Covered:

  • Joining bound off edges (Shoulder Seams)

  • Joining stockinette stitch

  • Joining reverse stockinette stitch

  • Joining and lining up garter stitch/ridges

  • Seaming vertical to horizontal seams

  • Assembling a drop shoulder

  • Picking up stitches - every which way!

  • Weaving in tails (inside seams)

Flawless Finishing Advanced

Had fun in “Flawless Finishing?” or perhaps you are a finishing pro that wants to jump to the next level in your knitwear-finishing career? In this class watch as even more magic unfolds as we bypass basic seams and jump into more complex finishing techniques.

Skills Covered:

  • Joining horizontal color stripes

  • Lining up seams

  • Joining raglan seams

  • Proper sweater decreasing

  • Sleeve increases

  • Picking up stitches around a neckline

  • Weaving in tails

Fixing Mistakes with Keith,

The Perfectionist!

Have you ever taken that large “GASP” while ripping out your knitting?  Have no fear!  In this class we will first purposely make mistakes. By doing so, we can see how mistakes are created and then deconstruct our knitting to resolve all problems!

You will learn different ways to rip back your knitting, add lifelines, recognize twisted stitches, pick up dropped stitches in multiple stitch patterns, including - stockinette stitch, seed stitch, garter stitch and lace.

Even more, we will learn how to read our knitting by counting our rows.

Join this class and learn the skills needed to master your knitting for years to come!

fixing mistakes.png

No Fear Brioche Stitch

Introduction to one and two color brioche


Brioche stitch is all the rage! Gazing upon a brioche pattern may be intimidating, but this class will break down its components as you begin to master this unique and oddly constructed stitch pattern.

Brioche stitch makes for a lofty and squishy fabric that is perfect for sweaters, scarves hats and blankets.

Come join the fun and learn some new knitting abbreviations such as "Bark" and "Burp"!  

Speed Blocking

Blocking is essential to our knitting from the start (gauge swatch) to the end (finished object).

In this class, we will swatch and block different stitch patterns and calculate gauge. Keith will share his tips for speed blocking sweaters, scarves and shawls.

You will also learn how different fibers "bloom," the proper way to use T-pins and blocking wires, and how to flatten your seams.

As a bonus, you will walk away with a perfectly blocked project!  

Fair Isle Knitting &

Reading Color Charts

Fair Isle is a traditional knitting technique used to create patterns with multiple colors. It is named after Fair Isle, a small island in the north of Scotland, that forms part of the Shetland Islands.

In this class, we will make a children’s hat composed of different colored hearts. Learn how to perfect this art form of knitting while knitting with two different colors of yarn and both hands.

You will be amazed at how fun and easy fair isle knitting can be and the thousands of new projects that await!


Keith's Tips & Tricks

  • Is the first stitch of your knitting loose?

  • Do you cast on a new project in both knit and purl?

  • Do you hem the bottom of your knitting?

  • Is your bind off uneven when knitting in the round?

  • Is there a magical loose bind off?

  • How much yarn do you need for the long tail cast on?

  • Why aren’t my stitches even?

  • What is the proper way to measure?

  • Should I slip the first stitch of every row?


Find the answer to these questions and many more!  

tips and trickspng.png

Stuck on a pattern?

Want to learn a new skill?


Then take a one-on-one private knitting or crochet lesson with Keith Leonard.

FaceTime or Skype lessons are also available by appointment.


For more information please email

Keith at

Crochet Around the Knitted Edge

Are you ready to test your limits and depart single crochet? Crocheting makes for stunning borders and especially makes a bold statement when attached to knitting. Perfect for the beginner crocheter. In this class we used our prepared knitted swatches to learn different formulas that will allow us to properly crochet around the edge without our borders puckering out or synching in. Better yet, let’s practice different stitches and techniques. Walk away with the urge to complete an afghan or sweater just in order to embellish it for that perfect finishing touch!

Private Lessons with Keith!

Private Lessons: 

$25 per 1/2 hour

$45 per hour

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