Pooling Yarns! (Assigned and Planned)

What is Assigned Pooling?

From the Designer of Float, Dawn Barker: Assigned Pooling occurs when a change in stitch and texture is assigned to changes in color within a skein of variegated yarn. In this case, simple Stockinette Stitch is assigned to the main color to create a backdrop for the cluster stitch assigned to the accent color.

Float by Dawn Barker .......................... Crosshatch Wrap by Shaina Bilow

The Float pattern by Dawn Barker uses 3 hanks. Find it on Ravelry HERE!

The Crosshatch Wrap pattern by Shaina Bilow uses 2 or 3 hanks. Find it on Ravelry HERE!

Scribblings by Stephanie Shiman

Scribblings cowl pattern by Stephanie Shiman uses 1 hank. Find it on Ravelry HERE!

Each hank of yarn is 100% Superwash Merino (19.5 micron).

100 grams of fingering weight = 400 meters / 437 yards.

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