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52+ colors applied to a single skein of yarn.

A different color in every stitch!

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About Keith Leonard

Keith Leonard gained a love for knitting at the early age of 11 when he joined a lunchtime knitting program at his grade school in his hometown of Haworth, New Jersey.


After working at several knitting stores in upstate New York, New Jersey and New York City, he discovered that while knitters love to knit, most don't have the skills, knowledge, and/or desire to do the "finishing."  So he took a chance and started Knits All Done - a specialized service for knitwear finishing.


Knits All Done is a service whereby knitters are able to outsource their knits to a professional for professional finishing. Keith truly understands and appreciates the fine difference between a “hand made” and “home made” finished garment.  The difference is in the details.

Keith now travels the country teaching knitting and knitwear finishing classes at yarn shops, knitting guilds and Vogue Knitting Live events.  He also dyes and sells yarn. 

When he is not traveling, Keith likes to hang out on his lanai with his cat Teddy, his husband Chuck, and his dog, Remy (in that order!)  haha

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